Let the Magic Begin!



We are so, so excited to finally be starting a blog and a business! Right now we will primarily be blogging about Disney – our advice, our tips and tricks, some trivia, q&a’s, stories, updates, etc, but we hope to have this website grow to even more than that in the next few months (more on that later)! Mostly, we just really love Disney and wanted a place to talk about it, post pictures about it and hopefully talk to other people about it as well! If you feel the desire to leave a comment or ask a question, please do! we are more than willing to answer them the best we can and we can’t wait to get to know Disney fanatics or Disney inquirers.

As a brief get-to-know-us, we are three sisters, Chelsea, Savannah and Adeline, who live in Utah and travel to Disney (especially Disneyland) quite frequently. We have always been big Disney people thanks to our mom who has also always been a Disney person. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about us, check out the About Us tab up at the top of the page.

Our blog is obviously in the very beginning stages, so be patient with us as we figure things out and get everything looking good and magical. We are eager to grow this blog and our little business that will be coming *hopefully* soon!

Thanks for visiting – have a magical day!!

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