Saving Money at Disneyland


Everyone wants to go on a Disneyland vacation (or at least everyone should want to) but I feel like a large reason people don’t go is because of the large price tag that comes along with a visit to The Happiest Place on Earth. Well I am a firm believer that everyone needs some Disney magic in their lives, so I’ve decided to do a little post about some simple money savers you can implement into your Disney getaway. Obviously there are several other things you can do to save money, but I feel like these are a lot of the main ones you hear about and some of the simplest. We’ve given this same advice to many people throughout our life and it seems people tend to pick and choose which money savers they use and which they disregard – and thats great! Do Disneyland your way. Make it personal and special to you so its a trip you never forget and always cherish. But also keep in mind that you still may/most likely will need to save and budget for your Disney trip because those tickets are still a bit pricey even if you can find a discount somewhere.

  • So lets start with tickets. Keep in mind not all places that claim to have GREAT DISNEY DISCOUNTS are credible. Do your research, read the fine print and ask around. The only real place my family and I trust for any kind of discounted ticket is Getaway Today. There are also Annual Passes (there are a few variations of these) but they are a big upfront purchase. They could be worth it if you plan on visiting Disneyland several times that year, but again definitely do your research and plan your trip/s as best as possible before buying an Annual Pass to make sure you’d get enough bang for your buck.
  • Look at hotels as soon as possible. Hotels are cheaper the further in advance you buy your room/s. The hotel will be more expensive the closer you get to your date. Also with hotels, keep in mind location. There are Disney owned hotels that are expensive, but the Parks are also surrounded by other, good hotels. Hotels closer to the park are typically more pricy.
  • If you find a hotel that will suit you thats a bit of a distance away, make sure it has a shuttle to the park. Shuttles are much more inexpensive then parking at Disney’s parking structures. Taking a shuttle verses parking on Disney property will absolutely save you a few precious bucks. Parking is up to $25 now, I believe.
  • Bring your own food in. Its allowed! Disney’s food is expensive (but delicious). Even quick bites to eat are several more dollars than these items are back at home. You can have snacks in your bag and you can pack your breakfast/lunch/dinner/whatever in a cooler and rent a locker at the entrance of the Park to keep it in so you aren’t carrying it around with you.
  • Don’t get a Photo Pass. I’ll admit this one kind of makes me sad. You read this money saving advice all over, and it totally makes sense but its also a bummer. Disney offers photo passes which basically is a card that the Disney photographers use to store the pictures they take on their nice cameras in the park. You can view your photos online and pick which ones you want to order or order then entire load of pictures. Sounds like no big deal – except that the pictures aren’t cheap. A single picture is $12+ and the whole batch of pictures is high $30’s or low $40’s. If you don’t get the Photo Pass all together, you’re eliminating some temptation. However if you do get it, I recommend getting tons of pictures taken so if you end up ordering all the pictures, $40-ish ends up feeling like a steal. Do you get what I’m saying? If you opt out of the Photo Pass, keep in mind the Disney Photographers can still use your own camera/phone and take good pictures for you – and thats free!
  • Are you going to park hop (aka buy a park hopper ticket?) Just letting you know, if you aren’t planning on hopping parks, your ticket will be significantly cheaper. This one is tough though because park hopping = awesome.
  • Collectibles are addicting. Be careful. I’m not going to tell you to completely avoid souvenirs from the park, but I’m just giving my two cents here. Our momma is the queen of Disney collectibles and though we are not quite as invested in collectibles as she is, I can vouch that collectibles are so fun and so addicting but that also adds up and next thing you know you’ve spent…a bit of money on your collection. So be warned. (however if you do have Disney collectibles lets talk! we want to see what you have!!)
  • This sort of goes along with the bring your own food in advice, but another helpful money saver is don’t eat breakfast in the park. Maybe your hotel has continental breakfast? If not maybe your hotel has a fridge or toaster and you can bring cereal and milk or bread/bagels/poptarts. You can have much cheaper breakfasts in your hotel verses the expensive park breakfasts.
  • This one is pretty self explanatory, but if you are going to eat in the park, find big meals that you can share!

Those are only a few money saving tips and I know there are dozens of other helpful tricks to save some of your hard earned money. If you have more feel free to share them – I don’t think theres a single person who doesn’t want to save even a few dollars.

Good luck, happy travels and have a magical time in Disneyland!

How to Deal with Not Being in a Disney Park

Raise your hand if you’re not in a Disney Park and your heart is a little broken because you want, no NEED, to be in one? Same friends, same. We love living in Utah but the distance between the city we live in and Anaheim is just too far. Even though we vacation to Disney quite frequently, that does not make the time away any easier. So we have created a helpful guide for you..


  • Look at your Disney pictures. The ones your parents took of you in front of the castle when you were 1 to the ones you took on your latest visit. Look at all of them and feel all the emotions. Cry, laugh, reminisce, but ultimately hang your head and allow yourself to feel some sorrow for you are not in a Disney Park.
  • YouTube all the Disney things. Our personal favorite things to YouTube are: Fantasmic (Disneyland’s especially), most Disney parades but I’m particularly fond of the Paint the Night and Soundsational currently. Watch peoples Vlogs from the park. Close out of the app with a pit in your stomach because you’re still not there.
  • Wear your Disney apparel. It doesn’t matter if its a shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, socks with the castle, sweat pants with DISNEYLAND going down the leg or maybe its even your favorite pair of ears – wear them. Also encourage your family to do the same. Dress your baby in all his/her Disney clothes. Inform your spouse how much you’d love if they followed suit. Tell your friends to join in. Then, feel a little more magical in your outfit, lay on the floor and wish you were wearing this particular item in the Park instead of on your floor.
  • Hang up another Disney picture somewhere in your house/room. You know, if there is room. Because if you can’t be there its only natural to have every nook and cranny in your home remind you of the place you longed to be. Then stare at those pictures and text your spouse about when your next trip will be – because you aren’t there and you need to be, pronto.
  • Change your wallpaper on your phone to a Disney Park picture. Or, if you’re like us, switch from one Disney Park picture to another. That way each time you look at your phone you will be once again brutally reminded that you aren’t there and its a crime.
  • Listen to all the Disney Park music 24/7. It is crucial to your happiness/misery that you never have a moment without the magical melody of a Disney tune playing in your ear. Close your eyes and imagine you’re there. Think of your beautiful memories from The Happiest Place on Earth. Feel the joy swell in your heart. Smell the smells. Then open your eyes. Shoot, you aren’t there. But instead of getting too sad – plan your next trip. Because come on, you know you need to go.
  • Lastly, cry. Because lets me honest. Its kind of impossible to cope with not being in Disney and sometimes crying can solve a problem or two — and it feels good.

Let the Magic Begin!



We are so, so excited to finally be starting a blog and a business! Right now we will primarily be blogging about Disney – our advice, our tips and tricks, some trivia, q&a’s, stories, updates, etc, but we hope to have this website grow to even more than that in the next few months (more on that later)! Mostly, we just really love Disney and wanted a place to talk about it, post pictures about it and hopefully talk to other people about it as well! If you feel the desire to leave a comment or ask a question, please do! we are more than willing to answer them the best we can and we can’t wait to get to know Disney fanatics or Disney inquirers.

As a brief get-to-know-us, we are three sisters, Chelsea, Savannah and Adeline, who live in Utah and travel to Disney (especially Disneyland) quite frequently. We have always been big Disney people thanks to our mom who has also always been a Disney person. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about us, check out the About Us tab up at the top of the page.

Our blog is obviously in the very beginning stages, so be patient with us as we figure things out and get everything looking good and magical. We are eager to grow this blog and our little business that will be coming *hopefully* soon!

Thanks for visiting – have a magical day!!